Thursday, June 26, 2014

Inspired by traditional and simple craft techniques, Finnish -born designer Sami Kallio's collection 'Between Gaps' interplays balance within distances and dimensions. This collection has rightfully been recognized with a 2014 Muuz International award - an annual collaboration between the French online magazine Muuz and a consortium of French architects and designers whom recognize and honor innovation in the French Market. The negative space compliments and creates the entirety of the form, where the contrast in materials meet to communicate the character and function of the chair. The traditional craft of the solid wood combined with the cutting-edge technology of form-pressed veneer were used to achieve its light, sculptural form. 

"Sami Kallio's design is distinctive for the large cut-out patter on the chairs back rest, an interplay of shapes defined as much for what's missing as what remains."

Image Sources: &tradition, Sami Kallio


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A quick project I did in my first year at Emily Carr. My purpose was to create a solution for small space living - combining storage and seating together, and using recycled materials.

The wood is from a cedar palette that I managed to scavenge, the hardware is from old furniture, and the cushion is upcycled from an old couch. 


 Cardboard model vs. Final product


Monday, June 23, 2014

Minka Inhouse.

I was touched when I stumble upon the Minka Inhouse project on Kickstarter developed by Fran from Santiego, Chile. Fran finished her design degree and continued onto working in home decor for years, knowing she had more to offer. Finally coming to terms with her unhappiness, she decided to promote local production. With the support of the community, Minka Inhouse is able to buy raw materials, pay fair wages to the craftsmen, and most importantly - bring hope back into the local industry by creating jobs for amazing and talented people. Fran is positive that promoting local production will preserve identity + culture along with creating awareness of the importance of tradition - a concept often lost in our busy lives we lead. 

Watch this video, and see for yourself how how Minka Inhouse and the people behind it deliver a strong message.

My favourites - ceramic 'gold fever' mug +  cozy 'stay warm' home blanket

"There is something ritual about the work of Pedro, Hilda, Doris and Bernarda; always expectant, observant, never bored or dull. With expert skill, they integrate mind and heart in their process. All together, we form and give life to Minka Inhouse."

I find Fran to be a true inspirational leader in the design world. Taking her two favourite mediums, clay and wool, she has now a beautiful collection to go along with her beautiful story, reminding us all to support local craftsmanship. 

Get more here and here
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Just to throw a little product design your way -perhaps a little afternoon inspiration.
I happened to discover a designer by the name of Timothy John- a New Zealand based designer with a love for hand woven industrial felt, powder coated steel, and solid ash hardwood.

The 'Sidekick Stool'  was initially what intrigued me towards his designs.

These stools are "light and visually unimposing", making them the perfect match for any space [hello small space decor]. Available in a number of colours, with a natural or black stain wood top, the Sidekick comes in a stool size as well as a side table.

Looking deeper at TJ's portfolio I was smug to discover his wit show through in his other projects.

'Optimist + Pessimist'

'The Mastermind'

'The Boss'

See more of his work here:

Have a lovely day,


Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

What better way to kick off the weekend than by sharing a #designcrush of mine.
Meet Pella Hedeby, an interior stylist. She is so successful as her talents leave a fresh impression on a seemingly simple design. Her simplistic + rich taste carries a strong sense for detail.

Texture appreciation.

Neutral color palettes + pops of soft tones + statement light fixtures + expression phrases + choice textures.

She really brings things back to basics with a Scandinavian approach on design + minimalist style. Inspiration eye-candy, Perfectly simple  - resulting in "A calm and a liberating feeling in a room with simple and restrained decoration" -PH.

What strikes me about her style is the mix of natural materials - the wood, [carrera] marble, glass and metal all together is enough to make my heart skip a beat. Even those color lovers wouldn't shy away from Pella's style, as the elegance leaves a mark.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a post by her. When asked by an interviewer on the concept of Minimalism, she stood strong behind her love of neutrals, and that only made my design crush grow bigger as she claims "I've probably scared away anyone who loves a lot of color a long time ago ..."

 "For [her] it is enough to add a shaggy sheepskin in order to experience total cosiness factor.
And instead of color I choose to combine materials such as Carrara marble, concrete, wood
and textiles with structures. It is enough just like that."
-Pella Hedeby

"Minimalism is not a lack of something, it's simply the perfect amount of something"
-Nicolas Burroughs

Images via and hitta-hem 

Photo credit: Kristofer Johnsson


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's talk passion. I'm not talking about a spark, an interest, a query. I'm talking about that passion that burns deep within. The kind you can feel. For so long i've been doing what seems like trying to contain my wildfire in a mason jar with the lid screwed tight- too tight [ the kind where you bat your eyes at someone stronger and bigger to unscrew it for you ].  This reliance and dependance is not only containing and smothering my wildfire, but is creating a breading ground for doubt. That's it though- no more. I'm starting to loosen the lid on that jar [just as my dad used to pre-loosen the jars for me so when I tried to open it again i'd feel stronger + more accomplished- good trick I tell ya]. Regardless of whatever is holding me back, it's time to push harder. Time to kick my creative passenger's butt into gear, and focus on getting my degree in design the way it should be done. Passionately. I am officially ridding of the words 'exhausted' and 'tired' in my vocabulary and adding it to the no-cabulary. 
Rigour is in, boredom is out.
It's about refocusing on giving it all. In everything, 110%. 
Be thorough and dig deep.  

Cheers to letting the sparks spread.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The soft shelf is a product of my second year studying Industrial Design, sometime in April 2014. The final prototype dismisses the expectations of a static shelf and confuses the form, in order to allow personalization, customization, along with wear + tear by the user.

I quickly discovered as I was rapid prototyping, that I wanted to use textiles and wood together in a unique way. I started sewing pieces of wood to pieces of fabric, weaving and wefting the two materials together in any which way I could to get different results -  at this point I didn't know what my final product or system would be, however, I was discovering how to push the limitations that the materials were presenting. I was trying to develop the idea of 'sewing wood' so much that I was doing anything I could to make it happen, much to my surprise I found that drilling what seemed like a million tiny holes with the drill press isn't exactly my cup of tea. I then resorted to a new approach [finally] and thus, the soft shelf system was born.  Full PDF on my process book for this project soon to come!

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